Ryan Craig Solo Album Available Now

Ryan Craig of the Rezhogs releases his first solo album, ‘Nervous Breakdown’. Get it today on all digital music outlets, including: iTunes, spotify, Google Music and more.

Featuring 16 songs with features and production from; N8 Winishut, Sean One, Haze from Purple Haze Productions, M Status, Crispy, Off One, J Shake, Bigg B and more.


Follow the link to get your copy today!

Hog Blog- Jan. 8, 2016

I have a goal to put together some projects with 1980’s themed music and then follow it up with a 1990’s theme. That’d be fun to do videos and sample different songs in the music.

Some 80’s samples, Eurythmics “Here Comes The Rain Again”, Madonna “Crazy For You”,

Pet Shop Boys “What Have I Done to Deserve This?’ and Human League “Don’t You Want Me”. I just feel like the older I get the more I appreciate them 80’s tunes.

As far as 90’s go, that decade kind of made me who I am as far as being an artist. I loved the 90’s with all my heart. The fashion, the style, the slang. Even just the way of life. I find myself still yearning to live the 90’s lifestyle.

I hope to make these project ideas a reality some day.



Ryan H. Craig


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