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The newest Rezhogs release ‘All Day All Night’ is out now! A collaboration of all of the Rezhog Records roster is sure to please all of the Rezhogs fans and new listeners as well! Preview the cd at

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REZHOGS: All Day All Night

N8- Wasted Talent


Definitley a must have for all Native HipHop fans across the country!! One of the most original albums in years!!
90 % of the album was written, recorded and produced while N8 was on duty in Baghdad, Iraq while serving in the United State Army!! A true American story in itself this album!!

Get ‘Wasted Talent’ by N8(Rezhogs) today!!

Available from Rezhog Records/LabRat Recordings

PDC ‘Bacc Pay’ Now Available!!


Rezhog Records & PDC Music proudly present the group album ‘Bacc Pay’ from the duo of Off One & Sean One. The first single ‘Like U Want To’ is getting exposure and praise from radio across the country. Pick up the album today that features 20 tracks of fun, entertaining and introspective story telling you’ve come to expect from Rezhog Records!!

PDC ‘Bacc Pay’ is out now!!! Get Your Copy Today!!!

OFF ONE: Past Due Bills

Pick up Off One ‘Past Due Bills’ today!

Rezhogs perform @ 2008 Native American Music Awards

rezhogs performing @ nammys

The Rezhogs were fortunate enough to perform live in front of 2,000 + people at the 2008 NAMMY’s in Seneca, NY.
The song the Rezhogs performed was “What It’s Like” from the new Rezhog Records/Labrat Recordings release ‘Wasted Talent’. The plan was to originally perform the song with N8 but he was unable to make it due to U.S. Army training going on at the same time.

The show was exciting and Ryan Craig, Sean One, and Six Pack held it down!

sean 1

REZHOGS: The Outsiders

Finalist: Best Pop Category