Saved by the Bell

Rezhog Records proudly presents their 5th group album: Saved by the Bell. An album that was 2+ years of hard work, creative thought, dedication and time spent perfecting an album that would cater to all ages, genders and races, we hope to grab your attention and keep you entertained for years to come with this Rezhog release.
Saved by the Bell is 20 songs ranging from the pop, radio ready hit “Foolin’ Around” feat. M-Status, to the funny and creative sound the Rezhogs have perfected over the years like “Normal Life” and the serious and heartfelt “My Life’s So Hard” feat. Haze, Saved by the Bell truley does have something for everybody!
Wether you’re a cool, prom king like Zack, a macho jock like Slater or a clueless geek like Screech, Saved by the Bell is a must have! And don’t worry ladies, we’ve most definitely got something on this album for all of the “Kelly’s, Lisa’s and Jesse’s” as well! Other featured artists include: Mistah F.A.B., N8, Bigg B, Panda Crew and Suave from Ceas-A-Mill Records.
So enjoy the album and let us know how Saved by the Bell made you feel. We appreciate all fan support and look forward to bringing you more great music from Rezhog Records!

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Rezhogs: Saved By The Bell

Rezhogs ‘Lowlife’


Pick up the Rezhogs album ‘Lowlife’ today! ‘Lowlife’ was a finalist in the Best Rap/HipHop category at the 2011 Indian Summer Music Awards and the 2011 Native American Music Awards. The second single from the album “Not Around” has gained radio play throughout the country.

The ‘Lowlife’ album is 2 years of hard work and dedication to bringing the people who enjoy the Rezhogs wit, creativity, open-minds and clear delivery to life! The entire ‘Lowlife’ album is a N8 Winishut production. 19 tracks written, produced and put together by the original Rezhogs members N8, Ryan Craig, Crispy and Six Pack.

You’ll hear the funny and uptempo style created and crafted in the late 1990′s in the streets of Mamachat Lane in Wapato, WA with songs like ‘That Dude’, ‘ My Ride’ and ‘Give & Go’ to in-depth, introspective and honest to the point of emotional tracks like ‘Love Bird’ , ‘Funny But True’ and the ultimate song for young parents who’ve experienced heart-ache and strife ‘Don’t Leave’. The first single from the album is track two on the cd and features Crow Agency Montana MC Supaman. ‘Across Town’ has recived radio play in 5 states so far and we hope to take it further and spread the Rezhogs sound world wide!

The Rezhogs are 2009 Native American Award Winners and 2009 Indian Summer Music Award Winners as well. We hope to continue to reach our core audience while entertaining new fans every chance we get! For booking and or interviews contact us: (509) 985-5508    or

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Rezhogs- All Day All Night. Get it today!

The newest Rezhogs release ‘All Day All Night’ is out now! A collaboration of all of the Rezhog Records roster is sure to please all of the Rezhogs fans and new listeners as well! Preview the cd at

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REZHOGS: All Day All Night