Sean One- New Music and Video

Rezhog member Sean One has a new video and song.

‘The Rain’ is a chance for his fans to hear him solo on a track. Sean One brings great lyrics about the struggle and triumph in life over this deep track accompanied by a great video. Look for more from this veteran in the Native Hip Hop game coming soon.

N8- New Music and Video

Rezhog member and solo artist N8 Winishut has a new video out directed by Bigg B. The song is from the upcoming album ‘Alien’ from Lab Rat Recordings/Bigg Music/Rezhog Records.

The song ‘No Radio’ features N8’s vocals on the chorus and his witty and clever lyricism on a smooth track he produced himself. A song hip hop and fans of just great music in general will love!

Bigg B- New Video

Rezhog member and Warm Springs, Oregon’s very own Bigg B is gearing up to release his new album ‘Here 2Day Bigg 2Morrow’.

Check out the new video he shot while at the Native American Journalists Association Conference in Santa Clara, CA.

Look for all Rezhog members to be featured on Bigg B’s new album coming late summer/early fall.

Rezhog Films Documentary Coming Soon

Rezhog Films and director Ryan H. Craig, are ready to release the follow up to Wapato Rising: 877. The new film will be titled ‘Family’. It’s the story of the 2012-2013 Wapato Boys Basketball Team.

The new documentary will again feature all new and exclusive music from: Rezhogs, N8 Winishut, Crispy, Sean One, M-Status, Mystic, Chad Realla, Rez Loyal, Bigg B, Purple Haze Productions and more. Look for the new film on DVD and to be shown in the Yakama Nation Cultural Center’s Heritage Theater in late summer or early fall.

Many of the same players from ‘Wapato Rising’ will be featured in the new film ‘Family’, including: Shawn Craig, Hank Strom, Adam Vela, Bubba Vela, Elijah Payer and Marcus Guevara. The film is longer and has many more angles and footage.

“We had so much more to edit and choose from.” said director Ryan H. Craig. “I think people will notice a huge difference and improvement from the previous film. I’m really proud of how well this project turned out.”

For more info or to ask any questions on the new film ‘Family’ or ‘Wapato Rising: 877″, email: [email protected]

Here is the official trailer for ‘Family’

Rezhog Films release 1st Film

“Wapato Rising 877” is the story of the 2011-2012 Wapato Wolves boys varsity basketball team. The documentary is the 1st ever release from Rezhog Films and director Ryan H. Craig.

The film features music from the Rezhogs as well as Rezhog Records acts and affiliates: Sean One, Once Upon Us, M-Status and Crispy.

The story follows the boys team from the early season through their trip to district and regional play. It features interviews from several of the players from the team as well as head coach Sean Laddrout. The DVD of “Wapato Rising 877” is available now.

For more information: [email protected]

Click link below to see the official movie trailer.


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